Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saanen- 8/7

One of the many beautiful valleys we rode that day

We had done a little more whining on this trip due to all the climbing but as we rolled into the last few days we were feeling quite sad it would be over soon. We were slowly making our way back to the south eastern shore of Lake Geneva. We managed to get quite lost in the middle of a gorgeous forest only to be bailed out by Megan, one of our group, who pieced together some French to find out we were only one "hill" away from where we needed to be.

Do you think we were lost? Megan, top left bailed us out with her superb French

This was beautiful country and we could see the famous Gruyere (the cheese) castle from miles away perched atop a small mountain. The views were much better from the road though. We lunched there and it was a GIANT tourist trap. We ate and rode on to Saanen.

The castle in Gruyere

In we stayed in a "sports hotel" complete with a Mac computer in every room. The food here was fabulous. They even had an Italian winery giving a free tasting.

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