Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chatel, the return to France- 8/8

Today we would ride back into France. Boy, what a difference in the roads; not as steep, more water fountains, and better food. We almost felt like we were home. What wasn't like home was another day of rain. We climbed the col du Pillon in the pourng rain, then descended the Col de la Croix. This was a wicked, winding descent full of turns filled wtih cars and massive buses. They were doing road work so we got right in the lane with the cars. It was over 13 miles down. Thank God for disc brakes!!!

Being soaking wet we made a mad dash for Monthey and lunch. It was probably the best tasting pasta I have ever had given the conditions. After lunch we climbed again into Corbeau then a rapid descent to Chatel.

The "captains" drying out and waiting for lunch

Chatel is a ski resort town on one of the many "smaller" mountains at the base of famous Mt. Blanc. We were wet, tired, hungry, and thirsty; 13 days down and only one more to go.

I took this shot for my dad, a Bultaco trials bike. Pretty rare to find one of these in the USA

Looking out our hotel room in Chatel. Over those mountains looms Lake Geneva.

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