Thursday, June 03, 2010

The ascent of Mt. Baldy 5/30/10

It was high time to get out of "Dodge" and ride some new terrain. We took a scouting trip on the BMW Saturday up the Glendora Mtn Rd. the back way up to Mt. Baldy. What road, it had to be ridden on the tandem.

Picture break at mile 14+ with a view of Mt. Baldy

Sunday we departed at 6:45am and drove to the start of our ride in Glendora. A perfect day for cycling; crystal blue skies, temps in the mid 60's that would warm up to the high 80's by the time we were done. The ride starts in a lovely suburban neighborhood and immediately puts you into the "hurt locker" with an 8% grade leveling to 5-7%. It winds up the mountain for 10 miles. All the rain we had received in prior months paid off with more greenery than I've seen in years. The views were spectacular in every direction; the mighty San Gabriels to the north, downtown Los Angeles to the west, Mt. Saddleback to the south, and snow capped Mt. Baldy to the east.

This yellow "sweet broom" was everywhere and the
aroma was like gardenias

This was looking back towards the ocean and Mt. Saddleback

Traffic is very light on this road with just a few "Ricky Racers" on motorcycles, a few other cyclists and the crazy guys on downhill skateboards! The first half of the 22 miles and 4300 feet total of climbing was slow and steady. The second half proved about the same but a BROKEN CHAIN at mile 17 tried to take us out. Luckily I had a chain tool and was able to repair it. Once at the summit we had a fast 7 mile descent at 45-50 mph. The total loop was 40 miles. Here's the mapmyride link,