Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Burgdorf to Kemmeriboden- 8/2

After struggling to sleep that night due to all the fireworks celebrating Swiss independence, (Glenn thought would be so great to experience), we were welcomed with RAIN! Today we would ride 43 miles and 3100 feet of climbing to Kemmeriboden. We were definitely in more mountainous terrain now as we slowly made our way into higher alpine mountains. For the first time Maria and I learned what it was like to really ride in the rain and be wet. Fortunately it was not cold but being wet most of the day wasn't our idea a a great time. But, the scenery got prettier and prettier. Like our friends Meagan and Leann told us from Portland, "it's not about keeping dry, it's about keeping warm..."

Our riding partners Les and Sue blazing the trail in the rain

Our first real mountains in the distance

Looking out our hotel room while "drying" out....

This hotel was s small lodge in the middle of nowhere but very popular with their desserts, a vanilla ice cream on top of homemade meringue. An incredible afternoon snack.

The hotel.....

The dessert....

This place was quite magical and one of the best spots on the trip!

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