Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fribourg- 8/5

Glenn convinced all of us that we must ride to Lauterbrunnen to see the beautiful granite cliffs before heading back to Thun and ultimately Fribourg for a two day stay. Lauterbrunnen is a very popular tourist destination and as a result had a ton of traffic on the only road there. No question the village in this valley surrounded by giant rugged granite cliffs was impressive.

Now it was time to head away from the big mountains back along side the Thunder See. This was a beautiful ride along this classic lake shore road.

We headed northwest through a picturesque valley with glimpses of the big mountain peaks we had come from. The area was filled with lovely small farms and orchards; great riding, and a nice restful lunch stop.

Navigating Fribourg was a challenge as our hotel, Au Sauvage, sat in the bottom of a bowl with the city above it. It ended up being a long day, 71 miles and 4300 feet of climbing.

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