Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 3- July 11- Champagneux to Rencurel

The day started off nice and easy along rolling farmland until we made a wrong turn and found ourselves climbing 15% grades in the countryside just north of lake Paladru. Our goal today was the infamous Col de Romeyere in the beautiful Vercors National Park.
The climb was the toughest on the entire trip; almost 9 miles at 8-10% with hot, humid conditions. But, the scenry was aboslutely spectacular. The high pass road was literally carved out of the rock cliffs. The pictures tell the story.


Anonymous said...

This looks to good to be true. Mark, did you scan these out of some travel agency brochure

Anonymous said...

Gaeta forgot to sign the last post about the great Scan Job you did Mark. I know Maria would not do that???