Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 11- The ride to Annecy/Talloires

We had relatively short climb to begin today's moderate distance ride. From the top of col de Lascauhx we would have an epic descent into the town of Annecy. An epic descent it was. Glenn had told us this would be the best road for descenidng on the trip. He was right; at least 6-7 miles, banked turns, very smooth road surface. We hit our fastest speed averaging at least 40-45 mph, with burst of 50+.

Annecy proved to be a beautiful city set at the north end of a Lac Annecy with mountains on both sides. The city was complete with great restaurtants off of the canal from the lake. We stopped with a group for another pizza and salad lunch. This was a much bigger town than we were used to. While we thought a bigger town would be nice, we couldn't wait to leave and head to our only 4 star hotel of the trip, L'Abbaye, in Tallories.

This place was a dream come true; a beautiful, swimable lake, gorgeous rooms, lounge chairs next to the lake with drink service, and fine gourment dining. We had the good fortune to stay here two nights....we wish it would have been a week!!!!

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