Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day Two- Castellane to Moissac Bellevue

This was a day that I was really looking forward to since it traversed the famous canyon du Verdon, France’s version of our Grand Canyon.  Getting there was feat in itself.  Our new motto,   “ a climbing we will go…” 

Once you hit the quaint hillside village of Trigance (above), we climbed to the top of the mountain and descended down to Balcons de las Mescula for an awesone view of the canyon.  This was a tourist stop complete with giant tour buses and the triket store.  

We loaded up on water, had some food, and started climbing the south canyon loop.  Views were spectaclular but a tough climb, with narrow roads and a fair amount of traffic.  Once we reached the summit we made a bee-line for our lunch stop in Auguines.  

This was a great spot and our first pizza of the trip.  We also come to learn a new French food term and Provencal favorite; "assiette" provencal, “provence plate” with whatever is local.  In this case assiette povire, salad of local roasted peppers.  Yum!  More climbing heading south through Aups, then a nice descent to Moissac Bellevue.  This hotel was sweet.  We had a beautiful dinner of fish, foie grais, chilled celery soup, and great local white wine with grapes I have never heard of.  It was a special celebration for our tandem friends Les and Sue, their 20th anniversary.

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