Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 3- Moissac Bellevue to La Fuste (Manosque)

We started last with the other tandem couple which as great to ride with them again.  This was the day we were to see plenty of lavender fields which we did but not fully I bloom yet but there were poppies everywhere.  The French version is much more red than ours in California.

For once, we had less climbing.  This was a fairly “non eventful” day, but we did have a great lunch in Riez; beautiful salads, "exotique", nicose, and a deep fried stuffed pastry sheel with pommes and chevre. 

The last descent was not steep but 35-40 mph for almost five miles; a tandem team delight!  La Fuste reminded me a lot of the Napa Valley; dry, hot, gently rolling hills with small mountains around and lots of vineyards.  The hotel was quite nice, with a small “castle” like feel and beautiful marble floors that were so cool you wanted to sleep on them with the hot weather that we had experienced.  This was appeared to be a gourmet food resort with a magnificent kitchen.  The meal was quite heavy; scrambled egg appetizer with truffles and a lamb osso buco all served on a lovely patio.

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