Monday, July 03, 2006

Final Prep

After two 50 milers this weekend and several thousand feet of climbing, we've finally called it quits on the pre-France training. There comes a point when cycling burn-out replaces enthusiasm and none of us wants to start the greatest physical adventure of our lives in that mental and physical state.

We had a surprise bon voyage dinner with Herb and Karen Niles last night. What a great time sharing adventures and many glasses of first class southern hemisphere wines. Well done Herb and Karen!

After 3 hours of sweat and one delicous Oranjeboom beer the tandem is packed. Boy, am I glad that we only have to do that one more time. Eveyone keep your fingers crossed that we can get our "bad boy" checked on the plane with no hassles Thursday.


Anonymous said...

You guys have a great trip! I will look forward to the updates... jv

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the trip. We're looking forward to seeing some pics and the recap.

Mike V.

PS - The Banjo Brothers will make a "trip sponsorship payment of unspecified amount" for a great Banjo picture which we can use in our promotional materials.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark and Maria,
I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound with a few minor bike mishaps. Sounds like you're already having a wonderful time. Be careful and have fun, more later.

Anonymous said...

I forgot - the message is from your sis Gail - Love You Both!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you two, where are you guys - It's Thursday, 7/13, what's going on??? I hope your ride has been beautiful and challenging. Me, Char and Angie are trying to hook up with Kelly to go out to dinner tomorrow night. Everything good on this end, hope all is well with the two of you.
More later, Love You, Sis