Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tandem Time Ride- Hammerfest

Hats off to Henry and Kathy Pilcher of the Orange County Wheelmen for organizing a great ride. So much for the "moderate" pace as explained in the invitation. This group should be called "Hammer Time" as the pace was just short of RACE! Good fun though and great training.

We added an additional 20 miles to take the total for the day to just shy of 60 with 1100 feet of climbing (ah, an easy weekend for once, HA). There were some beautiful bikes and one could of concluded the ride was sponsored by CoMotion. We ambled along on the "stock" Trek but managed to barely hang on with the lead group.

Only a week and half from departure, can't wait!

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Ed Rooney said...

As Cameron Frye , Ferrris Bueler's best pal said in the Film Epic":Ferris Beuelr's day off:

Marko , you are my hero.