Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tandem Riding- In training for the big France trip

The training started in November of 2005, our first century, Poway, CA. Sore butts, arms, and legs we finished the 104 mile ride with 4,000 feet of climbing. Little did we know this will be the start of our trek to the Alps....


Edson said...

I am interested in knowing how you are going to keep this Blog updated on your forthcoming legendary Alps Trip.

Mark and Maria said...

I will have a laptop with me and wil probably be able to connect with WIFI. Also you can text message in on my phone....

panda said...

hey Bro

what are you going to do without W-LB , the weather dude in Belmont Heights who's valuable weather data came at a crucial time to guided you through the Epic Solvang experience?
I hear that the Bluetooth and weather .com Gold option allowed you to view 5 min old weather radar and press on rather than wimp out and turn around like 100's did.
Is That true?

Mark and Maria said...

Panda, it will be tough without your expert guidance.

BHWC prez said...

testing 1 2 3

we tried a blog on the France comments and it would not allow access so I am trying "other"

BHWC Prez said...

As a former performance roadie who did A'retour of Lac Leman back in the 80's , I know many of the challenges you face.
You are about to do something so few will ever do.
How do you plan to keep your body from Blowing up?
On our Oct 2006 French wine trip we learned that fresh French wine has less of an effect so you will not be cursed with "Agout Grule"

BHWC Prez said...

Opps. misspelled Hangover:
Guele de bois..
2 wine terms you may find helpful: for that infamous french wine dirty sock taste/smell
" torchon" and for cat urine"
pi pi du explain(hide) poor taste behind the the term 'Terroir
On the training /riding topic...
how do you plan to make sure stoker puts out a top' effort?
When wife and I did our last Solvang 100( in good weather, appox 6.5 hours) ..we had heart rate monitors and we both knew we worked hard,so there was no
" chatty Stoker" at the end.
Does you stoker seem to have an plethora of energy at the finish?
Suggestion : hook up the stoker with a heart rate monitor or ask Hey did you use an E-Ticket for this ride?

BHWC Prez said...

Sorry bro'
a bit too early to type without errors
"pi pi du Chat= Cat pee..as you already know, much French wine has such a smell.
The wine areas in which you will ride have unique wines and we are excited to hear about them.
Be sure to sample enough.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you two on top of the Col's! Wish we were going with you, maybe next year Cort can come and help on the climbs!

Edson said...

Looks like you are on your way.
going to be a tough one for sure.

Waiting for your next update.

MC trip to Boston was succesful. All went very well and am now on way home through NJ.