Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Century #3- The Epic Solvang Century 2006

The imfamous Solvang Century had been long anticiapted and discussed amongst our cycling compartriots. The weather that entire week was really ugly but we pushed forward committed to not throw away our months of training for a little rain. Did I say a little rain, I should have said HAIL. At the first rest stop, mile 23, it HAILED like a "muther". We and 400 others scrambled for shelter in the old tin roofed building hoping it would pass. It did, but the rain did not. Needless to say it was one tough ride. Temperatures averaged in the mid 30's. If it wasn't for my favorite Long Beach weatherman, internet guru and wine expert we probably would have stopped and rode the 50 miler. Near the end of the day it cleared and what started out as the ride from hell turned into this team's most epic to date.

We did enjoy some "post" ride meals and fine wine at the time share condo just two blocks from the start (how lucky was that).

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looloobel said...

Dear Parents-
Although this "blog" of yours is sort of humiliating... I'm glad that I can see what you guys will be up to in France without moi.

Love you!

<3 kel