Friday, June 20, 2008

We landed- Nice, (Vence), France

After 12 hours of flying we made it to France. Connecting through London was tight and we sprinted for 2 miles to get to our gate only to find that they closed the flight. With a little work we finally got on the flight.

Our first night is here in Vence just 15 minutes from Nice. The town reminds us a lot of Laguna Beach with a more dramatic mountain backdrop. It took 3 hours to assemble the new beast. Today we will give it a test.

First meal in Vence was great....


edson said...

Why did it take you three hours to assemble the beast? Inquiring minds want to know.

HB Di said...

Why am I not surprised? 1st picture is of food and the next shows you wearing matching jerseys- HA!
Have a great time

Anonymous said...

livin la vida loca!

Anonymous said...

With the dollar sur la toilet,are you the only Americans in France?
inquiring minds want to know

Anonymous said...

how hot on Mt Ventoux?
inquiring minds want to know

Anonymous said...

wow..15 days without internet connect!
you gotta be slightly askew(freaking out)huh big boy!
Q:how do you compare Provence with Savoie?
inquiring minds want to nowe'