Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day 13- The final stage back to Geneva

Day 13 was our last ride from Tallories back to Ferney-Volitare. We really hated to leave L'Abbaye, the lake, the hotel food, the "upper crust" vacation lifestyle had finally come to an end. The ride back to Geneva (Ferney) was pretty uneventful and extremely hot. In fact it was so hot at one point about 15 miles from the hotel that we had to stop for our favorite "Perrier" break in a small Swiss village right on the border of France. We did see one geat looking chateau in the middle of nowhere on a climb but the rest was history in what was probably the greatest vacation we have ever taken.


Anonymous said...

This looks like the dream of a lifetime that came true.
Gaeta can only dream about a vacation/workout like that!

Anonymous said...

Gaeta could do the down hill thing if it was the bike that had disc brakes. A little blood never hurt.